An idiom is a way of speaking that is natural for a native speaker. Every language has its own array of sayings, idioms and expressions. If you start paying attention to them you will improve your listening and speaking right away since they use them a lot of times during the day. Anabel is learning them as she goes and we would be pleased if you join her in this learning journey.

1)I’ll just go and grab a hold of it
2)It’s bugging me
3)I woke up/got up on the wrong side of the bed
4)I’m sick of all your bitching
5)I’m cooking in here, it’s like a furnace
6)I’m being an earwig
7)Stop faffing around /messing about
8)Do you want me to slide over/ move over/bunk along?
9)Things might pick up
10)I’ve been rushing around like a headless chicken
11)Wake up and smell the coffee
12)It’s a blessing in disguise
13)I’m going to wait for the dust to settle
14)To give someone a piece of your mind
15)Great minds think alike
16)I’ve got up fresh as a cucumber
17)The cure was worse than the disease
18) To doll up
19)She could talk the legs off a donkey
20)To a standstill/ to a stop
21)It was the rain that fooled me
22)You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours
23)No pain, no gain
24)You’d better get/put your skates on
25)To be as right as rain
26)Off the scale
27)To have a word with someone

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