-Flood in ( aflorar/ llegar en oleadas..)


Congratulations have flooded in for the mother who has given birth.

When he saw the old photos, momeories of his childhood began to flood in.

-On behalf (de parte de /en beneficio de)


The request is made on behalf of the Executive Director.
The donation is made by Anabel on behalf of Norman

-Undermine (socavar/ debilitar/ quitar autoridad)

Her boss’s constant criticism undermined Janet’s confidence
If I tell the kids they can’t do something, please don’t undermine me by letting them do it.

-Advocate( defensor/ proponer/ propugnar)


He advocates a return to the old business model
Norman is an advocate of animal rights

-Undertone (matiz de fondo)


The teacher’s words had threatening undertone

-Prompt to do( motivar/ provocar a alguien para que haga algo)


It was his mother who prompted him to apply for university.

-Conduct (dirigir/conducir)


He conducted the ceremony
He conducted his business efficiently
The website conducted a survey of car owners
Wires conduct electricity

-Dampen( disminuir en el sentido de menos entusiasmo o espíritu)


Not even this bad weather can dampen my enthusiasm for running

-Frenzy (frenesí/histeria)


The shoppers were in a frenzy when the sales started

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