Vamos al lío con las palabras y expresiones que aprendí escuchando la radio ayer:

-The death toll (el número de muertos/ el total de muertos)

Example: The death toll is expected to rise.

-She was only out of sight (sólo permaneció fuera de vista)

Example: The girl was only out of sight for a few seconds when the tragedy happened.

-Limbs (extremidades)

Example: We also received people whose limbs were cut away by the bomb

-A near miss (un incidente del que se han librado de milagro y que podría haber acabado mal)

Example: The incident was another worrying near miss that could have ended in tragedy

-To topple (derrumbar/derrocar)

Example: Its aim is to topple the administration and impose its own strict interpretation of Islam

-Expel (expulsar/despedir)

Example: He was expelled for shouting at a teacher

-Strip (privar/despojar de)

Example: The soldier was stripped of his promotion.

-Merit (merecer/mérito)


He does not merit the respect of his colleagues // It had a lot of merit.

-Wilful (deliberado/ tozudo/terco)


He was a wilful child who did not like obeying authority
Paul committed a wilful act of disobedience

-Allegedly (supuestamente)

Example: She allegedly had to «push hime off» 

-Mount (crecer/ aumentar)

Example: Allegations of rape continue to mount.

-Disgraced (deshonrado/desacreditado)

Example: Allegations of rape continue to grow against the disgraced Hollywood producer

-Ram (golpear con fuerza/ embestir con fuerza)

Example: He pushed me inside and rammed me against the coat rack

-Shove (empujar)

Example: there was a big crowd of people trying to get into the shop and everyone was pushing and shoving.

-Revolting (repugnante)

Example: There’s a revolting smell coming from the garbage

-Stretching back to (remontarse)

Example: Since the publication of a New York Times report alleging abusive behaviour stretching back decades, allegations of rape have continued to mount.

-It’s lined with (está lleno de)

Example: It’s lined with restaurants and stalls.

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